The Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center (CMHC) was established in 1990 with the mission “to gather and share the unique inheritance and traditions of the Cheyenne Mountain region.”  In 2005 we moved into our permanent residence at 1118 West Cheyenne Road, which is the old administrative building of Cheyenne Mountain School District 12.  In 2005, the building was slated to be torn down when it was rescued and renovated by the CMHC board with help of Jim Johnson and GE Johnson Construction Company.Heritage Center

Today the Heritage Center, in conjunction with multiple community partners, is helping to renovate and restore the historic Harlan Wolfe home on West Cheyenne Road. This unique project will allow us new display space for our collections and will provide a new community gathering spot where the stoies of this unique place can continue to be told and remembered.

Additionally, the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center and its Board of Trustees are working to extend our mission in ways that help to nurture the next generation of residents who will carry forth the substance and remembrance of the Cheyenne Mountain region. Look here for events and information on our historic home restoration in the days and weeks ahead!