The mission of the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center is to preserve and promote the unique inheritance and traditions of the Cheyenne Mountain region.

History of The Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center

The Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center(CMHC) was created in 1990 by a group of dedicated Cheyenne teachers, graduates, and community members to assure that the traditions and the cultural heritage of the region and school system would not only be preserved, but also be promoted so that they might be passed on to new generations.

In 2007, through the generosity of the Cheyenne Mountain School District, the former school administrative office was leased to the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of several local groups, the Heritage Center has several new physical additions: an inviting front entry deck, including an ADA ramp; a double-door entryway; and a spacious exhibition gallery for archival collections.

June 1, 2018, brought forth exciting news for the CMHC. Work began on restoration and historic preservation of the Harlan Wolfe home on West Cheyenne Road (behind the community gardens), and Michael Grage, a lifetime resident of the Cheyenne Mountain community came on board as our new part-time Executive Director. Paul O’Brien, another long-time Cheyenne Mountain community member, has taken on the role of President of the Board, and finally, our newest edition of Kiva is set for release this week with a feature on the history of the Broadmoor. It is an exciting time here at the Center and we look forward to sharing with you our new vision in the days and weeks ahead.