The Western Way Documentary

The Western Way Premieres this July!

We are excited to announce the statewide Rocky Mountain PBS airing of the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center’s 26-minute documentary, “The Western Way”! The documentary premiered on PBS  July 18, 2013 at 9pm.  On June 12th, 2013 we premiered the documentary to our local community at the Ivywild Community Room.

The Western Way featured a diverse group Colorado Springs community members:

      • Anne Hyde, Professor of History at Colorado College
      • Matt Mayberry, Colorado Springs Pioneer’s Museum
      • Kathy Loo, local philanthropist
      • Gary Loo, local philanthropist
      • Steve Schuck, local developer
      • Leah Davis Witherow, Colorado Springs Pioneer’s Museum
      • Noel Anderson Black, KRCC’s “The Big Something”
      • Meredith Vaughan, CEO of Vladimir Jones Advertising Agency
      • Josh Kempf, local artist, and grandson of the late artist, Starr Kempf
      • Blake Wilson, owner of The Art Bank, and local art historian
      • the late Barbara Webb, Colorado Springs community member
      • Pard Morrison, local contemporary artist and sculpture
      • Richard Marold, Editor of “The KIVA The Journal of the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage”
      • Dick Noyes, owner of the Chinook Book Store

Each person provides a unique perspective on the Cheyenne Mountain Region, and how it came to be what it is today. The documentary delves into topics such as: the myth of the American West, and, what makes Colorado Springs unique. The documentary provides an overview of the history of Colorado Springs, and the people who been influential shaping the legacy that we enjoy today.

DVDs are on sale for $15 (price includes shipping) on our website store, and will be available for sale at our premiere.